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The Importance of Arts Education


Arts Education does not receive the same attention as STEM subjects in schools. But it can help a child’s development the same way other subjects in school does. The reason why there is less emphasis on Arts Education is the lacks of knowledge on its effectiveness in helping students develop skills and abilities which will be beneficial for their future.

The positive effect on art and cultural experiences for students were measured through a study participated by 11,000 students from 123 Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma schools. Half of the number was assigned to visit Crystal Bridges of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The remaining students served as the control group.

The result of the study was remarkably consistent. The students’ exposure to art and cultural experiences not only improved their knowledge about the arts but instilled in them the desire to become cultural consumers in the future. Exposure to the arts also alters the value system young people, making them empathic and tolerant of others. This may be linked to their awareness of different people, places and ideas that arts help expose them to; making them appreciative of others and accepting of individual differences and allows them to look at the world at a broader perception.

Exposure to arts and cultural experiences can also help boost the young person’s critical thinking and transforming them into keen observers of the world they live in. Noticing details in a painting is a good training ground for students to be detail-oriented in the future.

The essential contribution of Arts Education to students is not its ability to help them earn a living but on its ability to hone them into cultured and humane human beings. Although it’s a great consolation that art increases interest and participation in class, increases graduation rates and college attendance, all of which contributes to the overall happiness and productivity of a student.