Professionals sharing kids birthday ideas

Last-Minute Birthday Gifts That You Can Put Together in a Flash

If you have a kid with an active social circle, you might end up being invited to party almost every other weekend. While it is great to bring your kid to these parties, you might also be challenged to buy a gift for the birthday boy or girl at a very short notice. No worries. Here are some ideas of last-minute birthday gifts that you can put together in a flash:

Gift card to a restaurant

Kids would love the idea of having their own credit cards, which they can spend when going out to dinner. So, get a gift card to one of your local fast casual restaurants on the way to the party.

Toy basket

Go to the nearest drugstore and look for an aisle dedicated to small toys. Then, put in a bunch of small and inexpensive toys. Put it in a colorful gift bag, put some ribbon and a card and you’re all set for the party.

A bouquet of flowers

This is for little girls as they will feel so grown up when given a beautiful bouquet from the grocery store. You may add a helium balloon or two as well.


Cash is still king when it comes to last-minute birthday gifts even for kids. You can stick one dollar for each year of her life in a card or you can go with a $20 bill for tweens and teens who may not be as easily impressed.

Hobby or celebrity magazine subscription

Another great idea is to go online and sign up the birthday kid for a subscription of his favorite hobby or sports magazine. A lot of tweens and teens will be delighted with a new celebrity magazine, like Tiger Beat.

Movie night

Get a certificate that reads ‘use this toward the film rental of your choice’. You can also a $5 bill to a box of microwave popcorn.