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Great Way to Make Sure that Your Kids are Not Experiencing Summer Slide

Great Way to Make Sure that Your Kids are Not Experiencing Summer Slide

May 22, 2015

As summer approaches, the things that run through children and their parents’ brains are the trips and the resorts that the can go to, the places they can visit, and the fun and all the things that they can do now that school is out.

Even parents are busy thinking about where to take their children and how they can juggle everything along with their careers and their responsibilities at home while keeping their children happy. However, they might have lost sight of something else. They are busy thinking about these things without considering the fact that their sons and daughters are missing out on the stock of knowledge that they accumulated during the school year because of the tremendous idle time that you and they are giving to their brains. Their knowledge capacity and their reading skills will surely deteriorate during this three month idle time.

Studies have shown that children who read during summer time gain more reading skills, while those children who do not read during summer often slide backwards. Now, this phenomenon that children go through when they don’t read during summer is called the “summer slide” this occurs when young minds sit idle for three months. However, they also implied that even family income plays a significant role in developing a person’s ability to read. Students from poverty tend to experience an average or more summer learning loss in reading achievement of over two months wherein all the time is utilized only for recalling information that were forgotten by the students because of being idle during summer.

Even sociologists have implied that these summer learning differences between the rich and the poor further widens the scope of socioeconomic gap between the two classes. Research shows that even when there is a massive increase in the learning capacity of the middle class and the lower class students, it is still irrevocable that most of the lower class students go through the most drastic summer learning losses throughout their elementary school years.

There are still many trainers nowadays who rely on the usual summer reading list when in fact, this should not be done. Children and these students should have the liberty to choose their reading material for them to be able to truly enjoy reading.

What really is the significance of summer reading programs?

Number one is that it helps children to retain and develop their reading skills during the summer. Number two is to provide a haven, a sanctuary for readers, and finally, these programs are very valuable outreach programs for the libraries.

Reading is a very essential skill for children and teens. Especially now that they have approved and implemented the Common Core Curriculum, which requires literacy in all parts of the curriculum.

Another reason why reading is very important is because without reading people won’t be able to be in two places at once and experience a whole lot of things by just sitting down on a couch, holding their favorite book. This is the sensation that I want all of those children to feel. The insurmountable pleasure of being able to go to your own world and just be there which is only possible through reading.

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