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Tips For Finding a Kids Magician in Birmingham

find a kids party magician
Kids Party Magician

Finding a Kids Party Magician

When it is time to have a great party, cake, food, music and presents are a given. Add a bit of wonder and amazement to your kids party with a magician. Skilled and trained magicians are professional, entertaining and definitely worth the money. No one can keep an audience’s attention, especially an audience of kids, better than a magician who has worked with families, schools, libraries and many other kid related activities.

Searching for a magician without having a keen knowledge of booking entertainers can seem somewhat daunting. It really isn’t that difficult. Using a search engine will often place an agency service near the top of the list. The problem with agency services is that many qualified and affordable kids party magicians don’t list using these services as they add fees that either price them out of your range, or cost the performer to the point they don’t make a proper rate.

Sometimes you can locate reviews on Angie’s List, Merchant Circle, or Yelp. These might help you make some decision, but beware of the fake reviews, both positive AND negative. It’s also possible to find reviews and listings of magicians like the ones we found on Linkedin, Facebook and Google+. We were also able to find a local listing for the best kids birthday party magician in Birmingham AL.

When you are looking, be flexible on date and time. Always start your booking adventure at least 4 weeks ahead. Any magician who is real good and in demand will often have the prime party times booked way in advance. If you want an early afternoon party on a Saturday, you may want to start your search a couple of months ahead of the date. Also, try to get three quotes. Even if you know who you want right out of the gate, it’s good to shop. This not only lets you feel comfortable that you are dealing with a pro, but also gives you the confidence and pleasure in knowing you have done the best job for your kids birthday party entertainment.

While it may not be necessary to do a background check, you can at least ask for references, and preferably some from places that might require background checks like schools, libraries and other agencies. If they have them you have that extra confidence that you aren’t putting anyone at unnecessary risk.


Following these tips for finding a kids magician will get you down the path of success.