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Professional Sporting Events - Event magician Dallas TXI love sports. I love going to live sporting events. What I really like is participating in the events. This weekend was full of participation.
It started with the Texas Rangers opening day on Friday. I took my daughter and step-son and we tailgated in the parking lot. While that wasn’t a professional engagement, it was certainly a lot of fun.

One of the highlights was the B-1 bomber fly-over. Probably about 1,000 feet and with full after-burners on, the sound shook everything. All of the cars in the parking lot with alarms started chirping and screaming. It’s good to know that if anyone got locked out of their car after that, they could call and Arlington locksmith to get them taken care of.

Saturday, it’s off to do pre-game entertainment at the Allen Event Center. The Allen Americans of the CHL are in the playoffs against the Texas Brahmas. My job was to entertain with some close up magic. I’m so glad it is April and not July. Even in April things get quite warm. I have a lovely bowler hat I like to wear, but this heat was not going to cooperate.

Professional Sporting Events - party magician in Dallas TX

MrGoodfriend’s magic hat.

When the kids start coming around, I forget the heat and start making them smile. I really like to hear them go “Woah!” Another favorite? “How did he do that?” I was performing near the make shift petting zoo. They had a rabbit there, and the kids kept wanting me to make him disappear. I did get to do a fun rabbit card trick. And of course you always have the one boy who keeps asking if I can make his sister disappear.

After a little over an hour of this fun, I was ushered inside to the Season Ticket Holder’s Club Room. Much nicer inside, especially with the air conditioning, doubly cold because of the ice rink. I stationed myself near the bar, and started the tricks again. The crowd was smaller, but equally enthusiastic. I even got to ‘teach’ a couple of tricks.

All in all, a rather enjoyable Easter weekend, with some fun times at professional sporting events. If you are interested in seeing how magical entertainment can help your event, please feel free to drop me a note, and I’ll be happy to show you The Magic of MrGoodfriend.