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Party and Magic

Party and Magic

Jun 10, 2015

Kids, with their wild imaginations and insurmountable stamina, will always want to have a magical birthday party. On the other hand, you, as a parent would also want to impress your guests and do the best that you can to make this party perfect.

One of the ways to spice up the party is to hire a magician. Why a magician? Well, because magicians can make anyone smile, from kids to adults. They can make the imagination soar without the person having to forget about his logic because he still has to solve how the magician was able to execute the illusion.

However, the errand of hiring a magician for your child is quite tedious. You can find help through referrals and of course, the web. But, before you send out the invites and announce the name of the magician, please make sure to interview your prospect magician before you actually hire them. Some of the most helpful questions that you will have to consider are:

  • Does the magician return your call promptly?
  • Is he friendly?
  • Does he have any referrals, video clips, articles, or promotional packet?
  • Check their professional background.
  • Know their latest performances.
  • Ask if they do send out signed and written contracts for their performances and if they are insured.

Be sure to remember that you will always get what you pay for. Some key factor for pricing would be:

  • Date and Time of the party
  • Size of the crowd
  • Venue of the party
  • Experience
  • Quality of magician

Being able to see the magical acts up close will allow you to witness the wonder and the joy that is brought about by magic. It will also allow you to see the priceless look of joy on your kid’s eyes and believe me that alone am worth every dime that you have spent for the party.

If you want to bring magic to your kid’s party here in Dallas TX, Mr. Dal Sanders or MrGoodfriend are the most recommended magicians in the area.

MrGoodfriend can bring smiles and laughter to your event. He is the premier birthday party magician for all ages. If you want your kid’s birthday party to be the best birthday party, then I recommend that you hire MrGoodfriend for the highest quality entertainment that is surely worth your every effort.

Dal Sanders, on the other hand, is from Amazing Attractions and has also been studying and performing the art of magic as a full time profession for over 35 years.

Dal Sanders will provide a professional and world class magic show for your child’s birthday party. The birthday celebrant will always be the star of his every show and will be featured in the performance. His magic is also very funny but highly complicated since he has been doing it for years now and he has been studying the same matter for years.