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8 Tips for Parents on Hiring Entertainers for Kid’s Party

8 Tips for Parents on Hiring Entertainers for Kid’s Party

Mar 30, 2015

8 Tips for Parents on Hiring Entertainers for Kid’s PartyHaving a kid’s party is a challenge on its own, with all the crying, running and mess that you need to clean up. Planning for everything can take a lot of time and one of the unexpectedly stressful tasks is getting the right entertainment for the children. This task comes with its own stress and a final decision on this must be made carefully and professionally as you are not only in charge of keeping your kid safe and entertained but to his or her friends and classmates as well. But after everything is sorted out you and the kids will surely have a fun and pleasant time. Here are 8 tips to help you on hiring entertainers for kid’s party.

1. Get local acts or companies only. Getting a job done for a very intimate event needs to be done securely. Not just in the transaction phase but also for the assurance that the entertainer will actually be there. There might be hundreds of ads on the internet offering a good entertainment package. However if the group, performer or company is miles away what’s your assurance of them agreeing to help you out and if they do can they really get there in time?

2. Get in touch with event planners in schools and in entertainment venues. The awesome thing with the industry of event planning is that it usually involves a network of people, ranging from the event planners and organizers to the actual performers of different styles. If you want to get good information on the entertainment you want then contacting them will be a good start.

3. Contact several entertainers and ask for a quote. Though we see entertainment as the fun part of an event there is still a great need to a formal contract. To start it off you will need to have the basic information about the entertainer like his complete name or his agency’s name and address. Know what you are actually getting and for how much. This information will really help you in your decision making and will make sure that you have a solid transaction that will protect you and the people you will hire. Ask the right questions to make sure everything will be valid and provide them the exact information of the event like:

  • The exact date and time of when the entertainer will arrive, flexibility in terms of cancellations or rescheduling and if there are fees.
  • Number of children and the age range
  • How long you expect them to work
  • Ask about what the entertainer and what he actually does

4. Make a decision that is not solely based on price. While it would be very practical to choose the most affordable price, do it when you have full knowledge that the entertainer is credible and formal in this transaction. Shady backgrounds can be the cause of the cheap price and may lead to cheap performances, as people say you get what you pay for. Ask around about how the entertainer markets him/herself. Get as much references and feedback from their previous clients.

5. A formal agreement is a written agreement. After you have agreed on the date, the time, the venue and the price, have all of it into writing. A formal contract will mean that the deal is secure and you and the entertainer are protected.

6. Prepare the venue. Some entertainers need some preparation time before the act. Ask them about this so you can also prepare the venue properly and so that when the entertainer arrives you won’t need to re arrange anything.

7. When the entertainer arrives, check the basics before they start.

  • Confirm his/her identity
  • Confirm the contract to have everything set up properly
  • Make sure all liabilities are covered

8. Have fun! You worked hard to get the right entertainer for the kids, enjoy the fruit of your labor!