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8 fancy themes for a child’s party

Nothing beats the rushing excitement a child feels when they know it’s their special day. It usually starts even before his or her birthday that they frequently talk a lot about it, discussing would be gifts for them and making a list of all the friends they will be inviting to their parties. Here is where mommy or daddy then prepares to surprise their little one with a birthday bash.

Great parties will always need a great theme. For children’s parties it can range from dinosaurs, robots, pirates, ninjas, princesses, castles and so on the list just goes on. Too long that making a choice might be tougher than actually getting things done. So we took the liberty of making this list to help you out with your decision making on giving you kid the best birthday party of the year. Here are 8 fancy themes for a child’s party:

Old Fashioned birthday bash

Sometimes kids just really want to run in the house or in the backyard, what’s good about this theme is it is quite simple and doesn’t require too much decoration. Some vintage fabrics and the child’s favourite illustrations and it’s basically done.

A Lego themed party

8 fancy themes for a child’s party - Lego

Kids (and adults) love legos! It’s that one toy that really works the imaginations and develops the mind in such a fun and creative way. For all the fun it has to offer who wouldn’t want a party theme with legos?

Rainbow Birthday Party

This is an easy win for the little girls as the enticing colours will surely add a sparkle to her day, not to mention the chance order a rainbow cake. This theme will really dazzle the kids and their parents with a beautiful array of colours.

Super-Girlie Birthday Party

If a rainbow theme was an easy win this theme scores the jackpot for your little princess. Prepare a dessert table on the side; add some dolls or a tea cup party set, and a pink chocolate cake all for your adorable princess.

A Ghostbusters Party

Nostalgia always hits us in the noggin and introducing your child to what you were into back then is a really good idea, especially for his or her birthday party. Slime cakes or juices with jello will be a big hit with the youngsters. Add in the proton pack, the huge thingy-ma-bob the ghost busters carry and you will know who to call.

Wet and wild wipe-out party

The inspiration for this theme came from a TV show that challenges its guest to run thru an obstacle course that will really get you wet. Slides, bouncing balls and a whole lot of water will really let the kids have some fun and keep their cool. This theme will also make sure they are active and interact with others.

Baking Party

8 fancy themes for a child’s party - Baking

Remember taking your kids to the summer krispy kreme activity, where they let the kids in the kitchen and have them try to make doughnuts? Well this party is almost like that experience but of course the kids get to eat what they made. They will really be excited as they were their baker costume and make all their goodies.

Candyland Party

8 fancy themes for a child’s party - Candyland

If there is any party that is sure to make your kid excited, then it is definitely this party theme. Imagine gummy bears wanting to play with you, candy canes up for grabs, a bowl of jelly beans to sink into and that sweet cake that has all the good stuff attached to it. This party is keeper for any kid.

Whatever the theme maybe as long as the celebrant is there, happily running with friends, it will really be a complete success.